Don't Take the POISON

"one man's pleasure is another man's POISON"

Derived from one mans meat is another mans poison.

First known recording by the Roman poet Titus Lucretius Carus around the first century BC.

Safe to say that we have known about this for an insanely long time, However knowingly or otherwise we continue to accept this whether to ourselves or others. So on this basis I have two questions 

1. Why do we accept the POISON ?

2. What can you do about it ?

This is my take on these two Questions 

If something is of a poisonous nature but not labelled as such. We have a curiosity that requires our attention.(curiosity killed the cat).

you just got to scratch that itch.

If the label said POISON chances are you would at the very least consider what options were available and most likely take steps to avoid the POISON.

I also note that one man is taking pleasure from your ingestion of the POISON.

This comes in many forms 




False information 


Lies and deceit 

The person may also use a cunning disguise ie. A so called expert or a person in a position of authority.

The primary goal of these people is to remove any threat to their being perceived or real. They have the power of your weakness. They will tell all who listen and will do so loudly so that others can hear them.

So here are my tips to deal with this issue 

Golden Rules 

1.The only opinion that matters yours, if you don't have a good opinion of yourself don't expect it from anyone else.

2.unless you trust the source don't drink the water.

3.Ask questions both internally and externally.

4.Never react, always respond. The difference between the two is time and thought.

Stick to these 4 golden rules your MENTAL HEALTH will improve, your sleep will improve, your interactions with others will improve and TOXIC people will disappear.

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"Make the Most of Yourself - for That is All There is of You." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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