The Life Room

Yon enter a room,in this room are:

3 Bins and are marked thus 

Bin 1 Bread,which will be replenished 2x per week.

Bin 2 which will also be replenished but daily.

Bin 3 Vice,you have to decide what one item goes in only one this will also be replenished once used.

You then notice 3 windows 

Window 1 only glazed with cracked glass.

Window 2 

only has clear glass,you can see for miles and you can be seen by those outside the room.

window 3 

Has reflective glass and all that can be seen is a reflection of you on the inside and an outside reflection for others to look at.

You can choose any of these windows but only for a 24hr period then you must change to another.

Next you notice 3 doors

Door 1 is marked learning for life.

Door 2 is marked loving for life.

Door 3 is marked DEATH!

There is also an arm chair and a table with a chair.

You now have to decide which of the items in the room you are going to use, in order that when you go through door 3 you have utilised all that this LIFE ROOM has to offer.

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"Make the Most of Yourself - for That is All There is of You." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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