The stick

As you meander through the path of life, you pass lots of sticks. Some you kick and others you break or you just ignore them,

In a moment you decide to pick up a random stick it is nothing special in fact its very similar yo those you've broken and disregarded your whole life.

You were somehow drawn to this stick. Once you touch it, it feels very different to any stick you may have touched in the past.

A sudden surge of inspiration,you decide to take that first step you were always wanting to take,the you see the path in-front of you opens up and the way forward has never been clearer, No longer does the doubt or fear monster raise its head you have real focus and enthusiasm is leaking through your pores.

People notice and comment on your appearance,energy and the ability to ignore those that before would have dragged you and they appear dumbfounded but pleased although they would never knowingly show it.

In a flash you think what if all the sticks you've kicked broken and disregarded were somehow meant for you.

Now here is my point 

All the stick were meant for you but as you were not ready they would not serve you. 

When you were ready you collected your stick and it turned out to be the Wand that changed your life 

Keep in Touch

"Make the Most of Yourself - for That is All There is of You." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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