Timeline : A chronological arrangement of events in order of their occurrence.

These can be as short or as long as you want.

Objective To see how far you have come, to see what's good.

To identify blocks and events that have made an impact, both positive and negative.

Start from where you are now, then work you way backwards 10 years is a fair measure to start as i like round numbers.

Above the timeline find five positive things during this time and note the effects.(Question Can any of these be replicated ?).

Below the line find five things that have had a negative impact during this time.( Question can any of these be eradicated or the lessons learned from them be placed in a positive context?)

Then repeat this exercise but this time be brutal with your honesty.

Perhaps get a 2nd opinion as two heads are better than one.

Its probably more important with any thing negative as some one else may see a more positive aspect that can be harnessed to what comes next.

Now you have created a past map which is a very useful tool as knowing where you are makes knowing where you want to get too a lot easier to find. Anytime you find yourself stuck, frustrated or ready to throw in the towel.do a personal TIMELINE Audit only to the last audit unless you have discovered something you have missed or has a significant resonance to you current situation.


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