What is a great Question

A great question is one that stimulates critical thinking, encourages insightful responses, and fosters meaningful discussions. Here are some characteristics that make a question great:

  1. Thought-provoking: A great question challenges preconceived notions, prompting the responder to delve deep into the subject matter.
  2. Open-ended: It allows for multiple perspectives and answers, inviting creativity and diverse viewpoints.
  3. Relevant and timely: A great question addresses current issues or topics that are of interest and importance to the audience.
  4. Purposeful: It serves a specific purpose, such as problem-solving, gaining insights, or generating new ideas.
  5. Clear and concise: It should be easy to understand, avoiding ambiguity or confusion.
  6. Engaging: A great question piques curiosity and draws people into the conversation.
  7. Non-judgmental: It encourages honest responses without making the responder feel judged or criticized.
  8. Respectful: A great question shows respect for the opinions and experiences of others.
  9. Inspiring: It can inspire action, change, or personal growth in the respondent.
  10. Reflective: A great question allows the responder to reflect on their own thoughts, feelings, or experiences.

Example of a great question: "If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be, and why?"


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